2011 in Photos – 38

Every post gets us closer to being caught up. Of course, since I’m taking photos every day (yeah, right), I may never get fully caught up. But I keep trying.

So here are some photos from the dates listed below. Enjoy.

Sept. 17 – The longer I spend out here, the more I learn about what makes these people tick. For example, these people are taking part in a quad rodeo. Yes, you read that right. Instead of riding horses or bulls or whathaveyou, these people race and do some kind of stunts on quads, or ATVs. Well, I don’t know about the stunts. I was only witness to a race of some kind.

Sept. 18 – No photo.

Sept. 19 – This woman brought in a giant beet. This is it. In retrospect, I should have had her hold it when I took the photo. Whoops.

Sept. 20 – No photo.

Sept. 21 – Coincidentally enough, this roadway is close to where I live now. The residents of the condo development located on this roadway have been lobbying for the roadway to be redone. The town says it will get done eventually. We’ll see when it gets done.

Sept. 22 – No photo.

Sept. 23 – My parents were in town on this day, and they got to meet this man. Who is he? He’s Doug Horner, who was at the time running to be the new premier of Alberta. He came in third when all was said and done.

And there we have it. Another group of photos. They’re a bit more spread out than previous weeks, don’t you think?