Baseball’s back!

Well, almost.

I seem to have noticed that tomorrow, Feb. 11, is the first day for pitchers and catchers to report to Spring Training.

I have to say, I am more stoked for this season than I was even last year.

I have to admit it. I drank AA’s koolaid about how the Toronto Blue Jays would have done last season.

And as we all know, the 2012 season was not kind to the boys in blue.

But this year, things are certainly looking up.

Of course, winning the offseason and having the best team on paper means nothing. The games are played on the field, and it’s on the field where the Blue Jays need to perform.

Until they start winning, which I presume they will do regularly, I must temper my enthusiasm.

Still. I shall be at work tomorrow sporting my 1993-era Paul Molitor home jersey.

It’s been 20 long years without playoff baseball in Toronto. It’s time we regain our rightful place atop the American League.