2011 NHL Playoffs – Stanley Cup Final

Alright, here we go. My pick for the 2011 Stanley Cup final.

(1W) Vancouver Canunks v. (3E) Boston Bruins

It’s a matchup between the President’s Trophy-winning Canucks and the Bruins. Yep, there’s nothing special about the Bruins. The Canucks were simply the NHL’s best team the entire season, winning the President’s Trophy by an astounding 10 points over the Washington Capitals (117-107), and outclassing the Bruins by a healthy 14 points (117-103). Of course, the regular season means nothing at this point, which is even more relevant when you acknowledge the Bruins won the only meeting between these teams in the regular season, 3-1 (one empty-net goal). Going from the playoffs up to this point, both teams have identical records: 12-6. Not much to go on there. In the end, I feel the better team over the long haul will win out. So with that in mind, I’m going with Canucks in 6, winning the Cup in Boston and rubbing it in the Bruins’ faces.

I hate the Bruins.