2011 in Photos – 20

You know what I just realized. I keep calling my bike my sexy beast, yet I have no photos of it. I should probably get on that. You all deserve a look at the sexy beast that will cut my gas bills dramatically this summer.

On to the photos. Again.

May 14 – More baseball. Minor baseball this time. Westlock hosted a pee wee provincial seeding tournament on this day. I went there to see the boys play. Again, since it’s outdoors, I can shoot at 1/1000 and beyond, in order to freeze the action. Like I did here. I love doing that. Oh, and I just noticed as I was uploading this photo, but the pitcher here is a lefty.

May 15 – Our Member of the Legislative Assembly, or MLA (I still like MPP or Member of Provincial Parliament better, but that’s the Ontario in me talking), says he’s a lecherous old man, and so wanted to steal a kiss from the birthday girl. Who’s 100! One hundred! I have never met someone that old. No one in my family has ever reached that age.

May 16 – The Slave Lake fire. The Westlock Legion hall. Put two and two together and you’ll easily figure out what this photo contains. I hope.

May 17 – I headed out to a track and field meet for the Catholic school in Westlock. I think this was the junior high meet. As you can see, this girl missed her jump, but I thought it was a good photo. You can decide if my thoughts are accurate.

May 18 – No photo.

May 19 – Let’s be honest, the girl on the left was caught in a less-than-flattering moment. But I needed a photo of one of our high school students with his or her Québécois exchange student. And this was the only one I could grab. I really wanted a pair hugging, but that didn’t work out because I couldn’t get a clear line on any hugging kids. Darn.

May 20 – And now, the public schools junior high track meet. This runner won his heat, but didn’t win the event. He placed second.

Thanks for stopping by. There will be more up soon. I hope.