2011 in Photos – 39

Let’s call a spade a spade and admit this was a weak week.

Sept. 24 – No photo.

Sept. 25 – No photo.

Sept. 26 – No photo.

Sept. 27 – A blank wall. I had to pick one, and since all the other ones I took were firefighter mugs, this was the best choice.

Sept. 28 – Peewee or bantam football. This team, the Raptors, is slated to become a feeder team for the Westlock T-Birds. In the meantime, the Raptors don’t play games. They only practice. And, the coach said if we take pictures of the kids, we can’t identify them in the paper. In other words, there’s no point running any photos.

Sept. 29 – No photo.

Sept. 30 – This kid won a Legion poster contest. On the national stage. Pretty cool, I have to say.

That’s it.