2011 in Photos – 15

And now we have another selection of photos I have taken while living up here in Westlock. Today we’re going to see some of what I love, some sports and what we had to deal with weather-wise.


April 9 – No photo.

April 10 – No photo.

April 11 – I’ve said it before, I am a Habs fan. It appears I was probably testing my batteries when I took this photo, because otherwise there’s no reason why I would have photos only of my jerseys. Oh well.

April 12 – No photo.

April 13 – Badminton is hard to shoot. They move too fast, and the net is in the way. So this is just about the best I could do. It was either this one (where you can see the shuttlecock) or one where her ponytail is sticking straight up. Clearly you can see the choice I made.

April 14 – We got a snow dump. I was not impressed. It’s April, we shouldn’t be getting snow.

April 15 – The TKD club in town put on a cancer fundraiser. I thought this guy with the knives was pretty cool. I like knives.

Well, that’s it for now. More on the way.