2011 in Photos – 37

So, after I thought I was done with photos from Westlock, I discovered I took some in Westlock. So, you get to see some things from where I don’t live anymore, intermingled with things from where I do live now.

Does that make any sense? Oh, what do I care?

On to the photos.

Sept. 10 – Since I was (and still am at the moment) the only reporter at the Barrhead Leader with a car, I had to head out to the Summerdale Hall for a memorial opry. Here is one of the performers who took to the stage to entertain the crowd.

Sept. 11 – No photo.

Sept. 12 – No photo.

Sept. 13 – No photo.

Sept. 14 – This is the second dog that moved into the Westlock house. It was yappy. Very, very yappy. This photo was taken a few hours before the first (and most severe) blow up we had in the house. I’m not unreasonable. I just like my sleep.

Sept. 15 – Rodeo. Indoor. In other words, a PITA to shoot, especially since I don’t like using my flash. Oh, and if you don’t know what a PITA is, look it up. I’m sure the definition is online somewhere.

Sept. 16 – Rainbow. It looked a lot brighter and colourful a few minutes earlier. I deliberately stopped driving and pulled over to take this. Well, obvioiusly. It’s extremely difficult, dangerous, and now illegal, to shot with an SLR while driving. Or anything for that matter.

Well, that’s that for now. Come back later. We’re getting closer to all my photos coming from Barrhead with no Westlock.