Writing more…

I was talking with someone recently about journaling.

I don’t journal, although this blog has at times substituted for a journal. It isn’t a true journal, because some of the things I would like to journal about would deal with people who could conceivably read this.

And that, it probably should go without saying, would not be a good thing.

However, I really need to use this thing more.

Write about things.

More book reviews, although that is dependent on how fast I read through books.

Maybe movie reviews.

Fitness goals and aspirations.

Talk more about hockey, seeing as I’m watching a lot more of it recently.

Maybe more photos, since my photo-taking has seriously been lacking (which, it must be said, is my fault for taking a job not at a community newspaper).

I should also get into journaling. It might be a very good idea to write about things that are circling in my head instead of spending hours upon hours talking to myself about them. That might actually allow me to keep these things straight, instead of having to circle back on them in a dialogue-like monologue.

We’ll see how things go.