Things I can’t take seriously – 1

I’m a bit of a cynic. And somewhat a skeptic, as well.

I judge things and people. A lot.

OK. Enough preamble. Here are some things I can’t take seriously. I may even include why I can’t take those things seriously. We’ll see.

  • Sports leagues with single-game elimination playoffs: Anything can happen in a single game. It’s unfair to both teams to make their seasons come down to a single game. Here I’m pretty much referring to NFL/CFL football. I think the NLL also uses single-game elimination playoffs. I know NHL, NBA, MLB can all have single-game eliminations, but that comes after four or six games, so by Game Seven (or Five) you know the teams were evenly matched. But when your entire playoffs are single games, just one error or great play and the team that was the better might be wiped out. And yes, that can happen over the course of a seven- (or five-) game series, but it’s a lot less likely. Now, I don’t have as much of a problem with single-game eliminations in tournaments. That’s mainly a factor of the nature of tournaments – they’re short events as it is, and there is not enough time to play playoff series.
  • Drivers in vehicles with lift kits (usually pickup trucks) in the city: When are you ever going to need the clearance you get in city driving situations? You look like a loser. And I’m sure you’re also overcompensating for something.
  • Boston Bruins fans: You don’t like your team. You’re just afraid Zdeno Chara is going to come into your bedroom at night and beat you up.

I’ll try to think of more. I really thought I had more. Clearly I did not.