2014 in a nutshell

I would have to say 2014 has been quite the interesting year.

Many things happened in this year — not the least was I finally left the Westlock News.

Now, I don’t say “finally left” and mean it was a long time coming and I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Although, some of that is true. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and would have been content to stay there longer. But at the same time it had been nearly four years I had worked there — notwithstanding my nine months in Barrhead — and I felt it was time to move on to something else.

I had the chance to move to the Olds Albertan, maybe, but I opted not to go that route because it wasn’t what I was looking for.

I also had the chance to take up residence with the Athabasca Advocate, but they went with someone else.

So in the end I ended up with the Edmonton Sun. And then Postmedia (Canwest/Southam) bought Sunmedia, so I don’t really know who I work for now.

Working for a daily, especially one that is part of a national conglomerate, has its perks. However, most of those perks don’t really appear until I begin seeking a new gig — being part of a national company means it’s easier to move around the country because I’m already a known commodity with the company. Or at least that’s how I view it.

Besides, it’s not like I’m looking to move somewhere, anyway. I’ve only been with the Sun for less than three months, and it’s winter. I am not moving in winter.

Then again, another reason I’m not looking for move anywhere is because I like my chances with a young woman I’ve met out here. I feel we get along well, but nothing has been formalized yet, so I’m considerably jumping the gun at the moment. So, moving on.

One big plus to working with the Sun is the opportunity to move to and live in Edmonton. In fact, the first thought that came to my mind was I get to play ulltimate more than one night a week. And through the winter, too.

So I would have to say I’ve played more ultimate in 2014 than I had ever played before.

I played summer league, played in three tournaments (including one in Saskatoon), played fall league, and I’m now playing two nights a week in winter league.

I have also been to some trainings, and want to go to more, if only they were not at 7am on a Saturday and I wasn’t sick.

I hate being sick.

What else happened in 2014 was my first trip home in more (or less) than two years. I say both because I arrived home less than two years after I left Toronto last time, but returned to Edmonton after I left Toronto last time. Does that make sense?

However, I guess the real point of my trip home, and by real point I mean the biggest deal was how it was my first time home for Christmas since I was still living at home in 2009. I had been a long time.

The there was the wedding I attended, which was the reason I went home. Because, seriously, I have only ever gone home to attend weddings. Or, more to the point, weddings are the only reasons I ever use the Edmonton international airport. I’m not kidding.

Hmm. So what else is there to say about 2014?

I lost contact with, or chose to reduce or severe contact with, a few people. It’s a natural part of life, I suppose, but part of me does ache doing it. But when people are not responsive, there’s only so much I’m going to put up with.

Yeah. That ought to do it.

Happy 2015, everybody!