Home for Christmas

OMG, a new blog post! The first one since October. I’ve really been slacking, haven’t I?


I thought since it’s Christmas Eve and I’m home in Scarborough for Christmas for the first time since I still lived here in 2009, it was appropriate to put together a little post for you all.

This has been the most interesting and fun trip home I think I’ve made ever. Which is not to put down the last three trips home, mind you. It’s just to say the length of time I was here, and what I did and what I talked about with my friends has made this a trip that is perhaps the most meaningful thus far.

Without delving into too many details, because I’m under pain of death not to divulge too much, this trip has included the following events:

— the wedding of the friend I have known the longest (tied with two other people, but most consecutive years)

— being the guest at a couple’s first Christmas dinner in their new home

— learning about changes in a few people’s relationship statuses or plans

All in all, it’s been a very good time home.

Things I’ve learned in the nearly two weeks I’ve been here include the decision NOT to make a turkey or chicken dinner when and if I host a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve seen what goes into preparing those meals, and I want nothing to do with that racket. I’ll make ham or a casserole. Those I can do without undue aggravation.

Then there’s the lecture(s) I received about my inability to tackle my own relationship issues. I just tend to chicken out when it’s “go time,” which leaves me in the lurch. Seriously, what is so difficult about asking someone “Would you like to go out to dinner with me on Saturday?” Because that’s the phrase I have the most trouble uttering. Curse my crippling fear of rejection.

Alright, well, it’s roughly 9:30pm EST here, so I should be going. I am tired.

Merry Christmas all! I’ll be back around New Year’s.