Toronto’s ice storm

Well, I guess it’s good I didn’t end up getting one of gigs in the GTA I applied to. I’d be stuck in the middle of an ice storm with no power now.

Thank goodness for small mercies, eh?

Unfortunately, my family instead has no power, and as of the last time I spoke to them yesterday they did not have power for pushing 36 hours. [EDIT] They actually got power back shortly after I spoke to them on Dec. 23. So I panicked somewhat unnecessarily. And thinking about it, I would have to say it’s better to be without power in a Toronto winter because your food will keep longer. Sure, it’s still going to be cold and it’s harder to physically survive colder temperatures than hot ones, but if you’re going to need food, better to have it last longer.

On a purely aesthetic note, however, the ice is mighty pretty. Take a look at these photos sent to BlogTO and Torontoist.

In the interim, here’s hoping everything works out in the end. It’s certainly a horrible time for the power to be knocked out for extended time, what with the Christmas season and all.