What stops you from doing things you really shouldn’t do in the first place?

What is your motivation for not doing bad or illegal things?

Is it a fear of being sent to some form of Hell? Or is it because you were raised “right” and you don’t want to disappoint your parents? Or is it because your job is such that committing acts generally considered “wrong” is tantamount to resigning?

I ask this because there are many times I am seriously tempted to go on a rampage with respect to the absolutely horrendous parking skills I witness on a daily business. I tend to see people parking in such a way that the lines delineating the spots are only for guidance and not hard-and-fast boundaries. And I’m talking all sorts of vehicles here — pickups, Beetles, hatchbacks, station wagons — you name it, its driver just rolls in and comes to a stop, to hell with the lines.

It’s infuriating. There is only so much space available in any given parking lot, and when you have these people who think the world revolves around them (NEWS FLASH: IT DOESN’T!) straddling the lines or encroaching into the next spot, it really decreases the space available for those people who know what they’re doing.

I’d go on a rampage, but I may as well quit my job and leave town if I did that. And I can’t be doing that.