Back in the saddle?

It seems I have neglected this thing for far too long.

April 30 was my last post? Seriously? It’s been that long?

My last post dealt with my predictions for the 2013 Stanley Cup playoffs. Well, for the first round of said playoffs. Typically I predict each round and then recap that round before moving on to the next one. Not this year.

Maybe it was the embarrassment of watching the Habs get manhandled by the Senators, and witnessing the goon show in Ottawa do what it wanted with no repercussions. Whatever it was, I lost my enthusiasm.

Then there was, and still is, my work situation. As the editor of the Westlock News, I have a lot of duties and they really eat up a lot of my time. So finding time to blog has been a challenge.

So too has it been difficult to find motivation.

But I’m really set on finding the motivation and initiative again to get into blogging. I want to post at least once a week, maybe more often than that.

Either way, I intend to be back.

I’ll have something substantial for you soon. I promise.