Hard to look away

I swore to myself I would not pay attention to this NHL season, as a form of protest against the bullshit that was the lockout.

But, with how well the Montreal Canadiens are doing, I’m finding it hard not to pay attention.

You see, it’s been quite a long time since I have seen the Habs performing this well. I cannot remember the last time the team had started a season with 14 wins in only 24 games (14-5-4 as of March 6), nor can I recall the team going 11 straight games without losing in regulation (8-0-3, before a March 5 loss to the New York Islanders).

More to the point, I don’t think I had ever witnessed a 14-5-4 run at any point in a season.

What makes ignoring the run even harder is that it’s put the Habs in first place in the Eastern Conference, somewhere they haven’t been this late in the season since posting 104 points in 2007-2008.

Then there’s the fact I follow a lot of NHL reporters and Habs bloggers on Twitter, so every time I’m checking my feed I see lots of news about the season I am trying to ignore.

Although, I must say this is likely all my fault.

I’m actively reading what I should be avoiding, and checking the NHL website regularly, when I should be going elsewhere.


It’s time to buck up and use some willpower. The rest of the season, or at least until the playoffs start, I must abstain from following the Habs.

Besides. I’ve got the Toronto Blue Jays and all the hype they’ve built to keep me company and engaged.