V-Day Ponderings

I don’t like Valentine’s Day.

I think it’s all comsumeristic bullshit. Buying your loved ones candies and frilly lingerie simply because it’s the so-called “Day of Love” doesn’t strike me as a true manifestation of your feelings for someone.

Unless you’re a guy dating a golddigger. Then I suppose it would be a true manifestation of your feelings. Or hers, anyway.

Now, of course this is the time I go ahead and pull the whole pot-and-kettle thing. On myself, no less.

You see, I have actually got a young lady something for this Valentine’s Day. Yes. I did.

But, before you string me up as a traitor to the cause, I have to tell the whole story.

The thing I got this woman was a single, elementary school-style valentine, complete with a heart-shaped lollipop. I paid exactly 0,00 $ for both items. Instead, one of my co-workers brought in her grandkids a few days ago and one of them had a bag full of the cards and the lollipops. He gave me one, and what it said on it I felt was perfect for for this girl I know. So I wrote her name in the ‘to’ section and mine in the ‘from’ and brought it home with me today.

Yup, I gave a valentine to my housemate.


Why not? It’s not like I’m wanting to send a message of love and lust to her. If I were, I would be a lot more direct about it and I would not have done so today anyway.

However, what I did do today, or rather will be doing in the coming minutes, is getting in touch with a young woman whom I’ve been eyeing, and asking out on a date for this weekend.

Huh. I guess I am the pot calling the kettle black in this case.

Oh well.