Tail lights

I’ve had this idea percolating my head for years now, but it seems I am finally getting around to putting pen to paper, as it were.

As anyone who drives knows, there are two different types of tail lights on vehicles — all-red and red with orange turn signals.

Ultimately, they both do their duty, as when someone is turning, a light will flash to indicate that (assuming, of course, the driver knows how to signal, but that’s a completely different can of worms).

However, I can’t help wonder why there are all-red tail lights? Several reasons:

— all red is not symmetric with the orange turn signals at the front

— orange lights have a single purpose, whereas all-red double as brake lights

— all-reds, because they serve double duty, can confuse other drivers

Me, I think all vehicles should have separate, orange turn signals on the rear. Doing so would remove any ambiguity whether a driver is flashing the four-ways or just repeatedly tapping the brake pedal (ignoring that the independent brake light would come one).

It’s a legislative change that would be virtually cost-free for car manufacturers to implement. They already need to install lights on the rear of their vehicles, so why not force them to make the turn signals orange?

It just makes sense to me.

I’m not going crazy, am I?