I review my 2012, pt. 3

July, August and September.

Fun times were had.

I had the chance to go home for only the second time since I moved out to Alberta. And much like the last time I had been home (November 2011) it was about 20 C warmer in Toronto than it was in Edmonton/Westlock. I know I grew up with summers being in the 25-30 C plus humidex range, but when you leave that environment for over a year, coming back home certainly kicked me in the shins. I completely forgot what Toronto summers were like.

So what brought me back to the Big Smoke? Tess got married. I won’t say no to wedding invites. They’re pretty much the only excuse I have to come home. And they’re pretty much the only chance for me to see friends, as they don’t seem willing to come out and visit me.

Anyway. July was pretty awesome.


To be honest, I have no clue what I did in August. I think a lot of it was getting back into the work rhythm.

September, on the other hand, was kind of interesting. School started again, and just like every September starting in 2009, I felt out of place not returning to a place of learning. See, being 26 at the time, I had been starting school every September from 1990 until 2008. In other words, I had been alive for 24 years and going to school for 18 of those. In even more other words, 75 per cent of my life’s Septembers had been spent going to school.

Um, so where was I going with this? I don’t know.

Come back later and I’ll tell you about October, November and December. Something actually happened during those months.