I review my 2012, pt. 2

Well, first off I should probably engage in some self-promotion.

I am 27 today! Happy Birthday to me!

Alright. Back to business.


OK, now we’re getting into the stuff I remember more. It’s also the stuff that I need to be the most careful talking about.

In April, we had Easter. And we also learned that I really need to be careful about what I say. I also need to learn about the audience.


But it also gave me a reason to take a road trip. See, since I started out here way back in November 2010, I’ve wanted to take a trip up to Athabasca and Lac La Biche — in other words, the other two Town and Country communities. I lucked out with this trip. Even though it was April in Alberta, it was warm enough that I didn’t need my coat while exploring Lac La Biche in the afternoon. When it comes down to it, my trip north was to scope out a town where I may have moved, as the Lac La Biche Post was looking for a reporter at the time. I never got that job, and although it’s disappointing not to get a job, as you’ll read later, it all worked out in the end.

The end of April and early May was very nerve wracking. My fate at Barrhead was still up in the air, I was pretty much persona non grata around town, and all the stress was getting to me. Luckily, by the end of the month, things had finally sorted themselves out. My old job with the Westlock News opened up and I jumped at it. I still feel bad about how it came about, but I’m very happy to be back. I suppose things happen for a reason.

June. June was pretty much getting back up to speed in Westlock. For being away in Barrhead for about a pregnancy, I had lost track of everything that was going on in Westlock.

Even so, June was exciting in some ways. I got to be involved with the grand opening of Westlock’s new Spirit Centre. It is a stunning facility for a town of ~5000 people. Clearly, for having grown up in Toronto and doing university in Ottawa, I’ve seen considerably better facilities. The Ice House at Carleton comes to mind. But for Westlock, it’s amazing.

Then there was the completion of my return to Westlock when I moved back here. After leaving back in October 2011 under very bad terms because one of the people I lived with was a jerk, my return engagement was a lot better. I live in a basement, with near carte blanche access to the rest of the house. This is good because the only appliance I have in the basement is a fridge.

So there we have it. Come back later for July through December, in two parts.