I review my 2012, pt. 1

I do believe I shall break down my 2012 year in review into four parts, much like I’ve done in the past.

So, without further ado, I shall attempt to recap my January, February and March. Hopefully I remember what I did way back then. It’s been a long time.

January started with me starting to realize the Barrhead experiment wasn’t going to work out too well. It was becoming very apparent my strident anti-theist views would not mesh well with the staunchly christian community in the area, a point that would be driven home more strongly in April.

Still, things were interesting. I was continuing to love shooting in the local rink. Compared to what I had to work with at Westlock’s Jubilee Arena, the Agrena had NHL-caliber lighting. It was wonderful.

In February, I finally made my way down to Calgary for an Alberta Weekly Newspaper Association symposium. It was a fun experience, getting to gather and chat with my fellow journalists, as well as learn some things. However, on the learning side of things I did not do so well, mainly because I pretty much knew it all already. Still, it doesn’t hurt to get a refresher.

Looking back, I would have to say the AWNA symposium was the highlight of February. And that’s kind of sad.

When March rolled around, … you know what? I can’t really safely speak about January through March, and even into April. My thoughts on those months are not fit for this public a forum. That and March was a bore too.

So I’m going to cut this short here. When I do my April, May and June review, I can say more in general, and talk about a trip I took.

But for now, I’m done.