So. Many. Weddings.

The first lesson I’ve learned so far while writing this is that making Baileys-ified hot chocolate and blogging while plugged into headphones and while also having a cat is a recipe for potential disaster.

So on Dec. 12, I attended my fourth wedding as an adult. In total, it would have been my seventh, the first being when I was four, then six and then as a teenager. Those were all family weddings. The last four were for friends.

Some of those weddings were for very close friends. Others were for friends with whom I’m not as close. But no matter how close I am to the person/people getting married, I am always honoured to be there and I’m there to share in their happiness.

However, the most recent wedding was a bit different.

And it was all because of some words the groom said to me at the reception.

He told me how his wife (my friend since Grade 9) reacts when she gets the letters I send her (the letters I’ve seriously been slacking on, by the way). He told me she gets excited and puts on a cup of tea and reads them.

I knew I meant a fairly great deal to her, as we make it our mission to see each other whenever I’m home, and we talk on the phone a lot more than I do with anyone who isn’t my parents.

But to learn what she does with my letters hit me right in the feels (to steal from the Internet).

I thought about that the rest of the night, to the point where I seriously contemplated going up to the head table and whispering in her ear “You. Me. Outside. Later.”

I never actually did that. But I did get her out of the ballroom to a quieter place where we could talk.

I poured out my thoughts about what her hubby had told me and how I never knew how much I meant to her. Tears were shed. Which isn’t actually that rare an occurence for me of late, or, more to the point, since I left home the first time.

In fact, I started to tear up two days later recounting what happened at the wedding. I’m a regular crybaby these days.


Clearly I am changing somehow. I never used to cry in private much, let alone in public. But I think it speaks to how much I trust my friends that I’ve been willing to let myself get emotional in front of them. Some more than others, obviously.

Now, it seems I’ve kind of got away from the original point of this post — which was how I’ve been attending lately.

Another thought I tend to have with these weddings is that I keep wondering when my turn will be.

I mean, it’s got to happen at some point, right?

Yeah, we’ll see.

Night all.