Stirring the pot – updated

[EDIT] I have now included the seventh letter my column solicited. Hopefully it’s the last one I have to add.

As you’re all likely aware, I enjoy stirring the pot. Hell, it’s basically doing that that got me sent back to Westlock (even if I had no intention of stirring the pot at that time).

I’m also staunchly pro-choice, with the only time the man is allowed to have any say is if he’s the man who got the woman pregnant. And then it’s only to let his opinion known. Or if he’s the woman’s physician who is making a pronouncement based solely on medical information. Ultimately it’s the woman who decides whether to carry the pregnancy to term or abort.

Well, every year out here we have a Life Chain — an anti-choice demonstration where anti-choicers stand around and hold signs.

Naturally, I am opposed to them. So I wrote the following column:

Final decision rests with a woman

And naturally, I received some letters about it.

Actually, scratch that. I received LOTS of letters about it. Or at least about letters about it.

Take a look (please note, the headlines were written by my publisher):

Society has failed women

My only comment about this letter is that they do not understand why I really can’t attend / encounter their protests. I can’t go near them because it would be very hard for me to keep my mouth shut or put up a counter protest. Of course, I didn’t explain the real reason why I can’t go near them, so I guess I can’t fault them for getting my motives wrong.

On to the rest of the letters:

Tip of the iceberg

Pro-life rally upsets reader

Silent no longer

The human body belongs to god (I refuse to capitalize ‘god’)

Comment highly offensive

Rally about awareness

There is still one more letter to come. It’s running in the Oct. 22 issue of the Westlock News, so I still have to grab the PDF for that page and then I’ll post it.

Regardless, This is the most legitimate letters anything I have written has received. This is nothing like my Zombie Jesus comment that earned me a crapload of hate mail.

This attention is apparently why I got into this field.

And to think, I could have written that column in a lot more strident manner. I actually toned it down.