Having having met up with some friends in recent days, I’m starting to think I’m not quite as mature as I used to think I was.

I still think I’m quite mature in many different interpretations of the word.

I’m somewhat emotionally stable. I’m financially self-sufficient. I live with people and (mostly) don’t get into fights with them regularly (the episode with Megan and Ian I consider a three-way fault). I have a job and live thousands of kilometres away from everyone I hold near and dear.

In short, I am by all appearances an upstanding, contributing member of society.

But, when I’m talking with my friends, I start to think I’m not nearly as mature as they are.

Two of the friends I met with on Tuesday are in the process of buying real estate. Another whom I’m seeing tomorrow is engaged to be married in December. Two I’m going to see on Saturday are either married already or being married that day. One I saw yesterday is heading to Africa to do social work.

They’re all doing things miles ahead of me in terms of things mature people do.


When I’m not at work (which is rarely) I’m out fucking bitches and getting money and doing a piss poor job of both.

Sorry, I’ve had that line percolating in my head for a few days.

But seriously. Sure, I’m young and making my way in the world, but somehow I think I’m lacking in maturity because of the lack of those outward signs of it.

I just feel like I’m falling further and further behind in the eyes of society. And it kind of sucks.