2012 Stanley Cup Final wrap

Sorry I’m slow at getting to this. It was a rough week since the Los Angeles Kings skated off the ice with the Stanley Cup held aloft.

But I’m here now, to wrap up the series.

You can tell from my opening sentence that the Kings defeated the New Jersey Devils. On June 11, the Kings took advantage of a five-minute major to Steve Bernier and scored three powerplay goals to grab a quick lead they rode to a 6-1 win.

And to make things even better for me, it was in Game 6, thus making my prediction spot on for the only time this playoff season.

Yeah, I’m sorry. I have no real inspiration to do anything more than you see here. I’m tired.

Oh, I lied.

This result brings my overall record to 7-8. If it weren’t for a piss poor second round, I would have been at least 8-7. Oh well.