2012 Stanley Cup Playoff predictions – Round 2

Well, I have to say that was one hell of a first round. Upsets aplenty, Game 7s aplenty. It was quite something.

To recap, here are the series results:

New York Rangers 4-3 Ottawa Senators (right team, wrong games)

Boston Bruins 3-4 Washington Capitals (wrong team)

Florida Panthers 3-4 New Jersey Devils (right team, wrong games)

Pittsburgh Penguins 2-4 Philadelphia Flyers (wrong team)

Vancouver Canucks 1-4 Los Angeles Kings (wrong team)

St. Louis Blues 4-1 San Jose Sharks (right team, wrong games)

Phoenix Coyotes 4-2 Chicago Blackhawks (wrong team)

Nashville Predators 4-1 Detroir Red Wings (right team, wrong games)

This sets up the following matchups for the second round, along with my predictions. Hopefully I’ll do better than a .500 (4-4) record this round.

1E New York Rangers v. 7E Washington Capitals

I think the Senators showed that the Rangers are vulnerable. But in a goaltending contest involving Henrik Lundqvist, there are few goalies who stack up. Then again, there is Alex Ovechkin to worry about. Still, I have to give this to the Rangers in 6.

5E Philadelphia Flyers v. 6E New Jersey Devils

After seeing what the Flyers did to the Penguins, I foresee the Flyers advancing. They have more offence, that’s for sure. But their goaltending is shaky (when has it not been so?), while it is Martin Brodeur (even at his advanced age) at the other end. I see a tougher series for the Flyers than against the Penguins, but not an end to their run (unfortunately). Let’s take the Flyers in 6.

2W St. Louis Blues v. 8W Los Angeles Kings

So much for the Canucks, eh? Both these teams were full marks in their defeat of their previous opponents. I can see a long AND a short series here. Long because the Kings are somewhat on fire and on a mission after clawing their way into the playoffs, and will fight the Blues tooth and nail. Short because the Kings knocked off the league’s No. 1 team, and may feel that’s good enough. So, I shall split the difference, while going with the better team overall. I’m taking the Blues in 6.

3W Phoenix Coyotes v. 4W Nashville Predators

One of these teams will be playing for the Western Conference title in at most seven games. Which one? I feel the Coyotes are on a high after finally winning a playoff series, and they were full marks for winning their division. But Nashville has been building for this year, and took out the Red Wings, which is never the easiest thing to do these past few years. I have to go with the Predators in 6.

There we have it. Let’s see what I know.