This can’t be happening to me

I think I’m losing my Ontarioness and my elitism.

Allow me to explain.

When it comes to road and street names, I prefer to refer to them by their actual names. For example, if I were to tell someone how to get to Linaria from Barrhead, I would tell them to head north on Hwy 33 to the intersection with Hwy 18 and head east to Hwy 776. Because that’s how you get there. Linaria is just off Hwy 776.

Now, I’m noticing my language is changing. I’m starting to adopt the colloquial speech of the locals. And it bothers me. It really does.

What is this colloquial speech, you ask? I shall explain by stating how the locals here would tell you to get from Barrhead to Linaria.

Head north out of town. Turn east at the two-mile corner. Then turn north up the Linaria highway.

To be clear, that only works for locals. For someone who has no clue about the geography of the area, you still have to use the road numbers.

But I keep catching myself refer to roads as “the Pickardville turnoff” or intersections as “the Clyde corner.” Yes, I know those are probably the easiest ways to refer to those places, but it still grates at me. I’m not some yokel. I’m a sophisticated city dweller who uses the proper names for things.

Although, perhaps I should go whole hog and start calling them bunnyhugs. Because that’s such a cool word.