A little annoyance

Just reading a story on bad trades NHL teams have made.

In many cases, the story talks about draft picks that were traded, including the player selected. For the most part, it’s written as if the position of the draft pick directly resulted in the player selected.

A prime example:

The Anaheim Ducks receive a first-round pick (Corey Perry) for two second-round picks (Vojtech Polak, B.J. Crombeen) from the Dallas Stars.

The Dallas Stars were looking for more picks so they traded down, which proved to be costly. The Ducks wound up with Hart Memorial Trophy winner Corey Perry while the Stars got two players who only played sparingly at the NHL level.

I’m sorry, but this makes it appear as if the Ducks got Corey Perry in the trade, while the Stars essentially gave him away.

My issue here is that it’s pointless to mention who the draft pick became. The Stars may have used that pick on someone else entirely, and therefore did not give away Perry. Maybe they had no intention of drafting Perry even if he was available.

On another note, just because he’s back – Sidney Crosby.

People need to realize that the only reason he’s a Penguin is because Pittsburgh won the lottery that year. It fundamentally has nothing to do with how bad the Penguins were the previous season; it was pure luck.

Don’t believe me?

Read this. It discusses how the Penguins had a greater chance at the top pick, but not an iron-clad guarantee.