2011 in Photos – 50

We’re getting into Christmas concert season. Prepare to see some cute kids. There will be several of them in the coming posts and photos. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Dec. 10 – This kid didn’t seem to be too impressed I was taking his photo. But his mom was having a laugh riot while I was doing it. At least someone was OK with it.

Dec. 11 – Even though it makes things slightly more challenging, I do like taking hockey photos from the walking path around the stands above the rink in the Barrhead Agrena. You get shots like this. New perspective is always good.

Dec. 12 – No photo.

Dec. 13 – No photo.

Dec. 14 – What did I say about cute kids? Here we have some “singing” “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas” at Dunstable School.

Dec. 15 – This girl will be a star when she gets older. Just look at that emotion and emphasis she puts into her actions.

Dec. 16 – No photo.

We’re almost there. Keep coming back and I’ll get this year done yet.