2011 in Photos – 48

This is a better week than the last week. Good.

Take a look at what I did this week. It’s somewhat interesting.

Nov. 26 – The local drama society put on a show. I went to watch (for work). I thought this was a good photo because of the lighting, however sparse it is.

Nov. 27 – Hockey! Here we have the goalie contorting himself to make a save. Yes, you can’t see the puck, but it’s on its way.

Nov. 28 – No photo.

Nov. 29 – No photo.

Nov. 30 – Figure skating. The first pairs I’ve seen in my months covering the sport. Alas, it was only a test day for the Barrhead club. Oh well, small mercies.

Dec. 1 – And we have a car crash. This pickup struck a tractor trailer and ended up in the ditch. No fatalities, which is always good. The crash shut down Highway 33 for a good while. Heck, I needed to park north of the tractor trailer and walk down to the pickup. It was a cold walk.

Dec. 2 – No photo.

Alright. Come back soon for more. There’s a lot more coming in quick succession.