2011 in Photos – 47

This was a weak week. Again. Oh well, let’s get this over with.

Nov. 19 – No photo.

Nov. 20 – This one barely sneaks under the wire for being taken on Nov. 20. I had just left visiting one of my best friends and was riding the subway back home. I figured I needed something to remind me of home while out here, so I shot the TTC subway map.

Nov. 21 – No photo.

Nov. 22 – No photo.

Nov. 23 – Back in Barrhead, I went to the PHRD (school division) meeting at Dunstable School. These are the Grade 1/2 kids reading for the trustees. The old girl on the right is the teacher. I use “old girl” to differentiate from the student girls. Not because she’s old, or else I would have gone with old lady or old woman. [At what age is it proper to call girls “women” and vice versa?]

Nov. 24 – No photo.

Nov. 25 – No photo.

Yeah. Sorry for the pathetic display.