2011 in Photos – 44

Well then. Wasn’t that a surprise that in my last update I had seven photos for the seven days in week? I was as surprised as you were, assuming you were surprised.

Do I have another seven-er in store for you? Let’s find out.

Oct. 29 – I took a drive out to Westlock to watch the T-Birds wrap up their season. It was a playoff game, with the winner advancing. I suppose the T-Birds could have won, but I knew they would lose. Which they did. But I got this photo of the last TD of the game, by the T-Birds no less.

Oct. 30 – Barrhead’s ‘AA’ Steelers are a good team. Here they are in action midway through a home game against the SHC Mustangs. Or that’s what the schedule says. I look at the jersey of the opponents (in blue) and I doubt what the schedule and scoresheet say. Oh well.

Oct. 31 – Halloween night. The Leader ran a similar photo to this on its front page in 2010 (I think; I’ll have to check on that to be sure). I wanted to take one myself. I think it turned out OK.

Nov. 1 – No photo.

Nov. 2 – Let’s be honest. There is nothing really exciting about this photo. There is no special composition or value to it. I just think it’s neat because it looks like the girl in front of #45 has no body.

Nov. 3 – I went over to the Legion to speak to some veterans for our Nov. 8 issue (i.e. our last issue before Remembrance Day). These are them. The two on the outside served as mechanics in the Second World War. The gentleman in the centre is a Cold War veteran.

Nov. 4 – I think this was at a Christmas market at the Legion. Anyway, it’s a woman knitting many different things.

Well, six out of seven isn’t too bad. I hoped you liked these.