2011 in Photos – 43

It took this long, but I’ve finally done it again.

Done what?

You’ll see.

Oct. 22 – This was taken the day I bought my new 70-200 f/2.8. I took it to the Agrena to try it out. My gosh, did it feel amazing shooting 1/500 with no flash. Well, to be technical, I can’t shoot 1/500 with my flash; it doesn’t sync upright. Whatever. Here we have girls hockey, seldom played in Barrhead.

Oct. 23 – Even though I had the weekend off, I wanted to go to the Halloween Skate. Two reasons: 1- I wanted to skate, and 2- I thought I’d run into cute kids in costumes. Success? I think so.

Oct. 24 – Me. I needed a new mugshot for our masthead. I also needed a pic for a Carleton alumni compendium. Not a very flattering photo, but a photog my publisher is not.

Oct. 25 – Just some more screwing around with my new lens. I present wires coming out of the ceiling.

Oct. 26 – When I attended the local school board meeting, I got kicked out because they went in camera. While waiting, the high school drama kids came lurching through the hall in zombie form. This was the photo I wanted to use in the paper, but the kid lunged and went out of focus. Oh well.

Oct. 27 – With Halloween approaching, kids were carving jack o’lanterns. This is one of those kids.

Oct. 28 – They sent me to shoot the high school awards night. This kid cleaned up. I must have shot him at least seven times. I call him a nerd because I’m jealous.

So, now you see what I meant. I finally have a photo for every day of the week presented. It’s about time.