2011 in Photos – 41

And we’re back. Fun times!

Let’s get at ‘er!

Oct. 8 – After finally moving to Barrhead, I had to attend and shoot a concert. It was a fundraising concert, I think, and featured two tribute bands: Arrival (Abba) and Dreams (Fleetwood Mac). Guess which one this is.

Oct. 9 – No photo.

Oct. 10 – No photo.

Oct. 11 – No photo.

Oct. 12 – No photo.

Oct. 13 – Junior high girls volleyball. I thought it was a good shot. Volleyball is a hard sport to shoot (yes, I’ve said that many, many times), but it’s oddly easier when the teams are younger, because they don’t move as fast. Small mercies, I guess.

Oct. 14 – House fire! Once again, I like these types of stories. They’re moderately compact and easily packaged. Although, this one took a bit longer because the investigation took the deputy fire chief out of commission for a while. It also happened on a Friday, which further complicated matters.

Well, that’s it for now. But I have a feeling the next few posts will have considerably more photos. I just know it.