It’s good to go home

Many people will tell you you can never go home again. I know it’s a lot more complicated than the words make it out to be, but I do have to disagree. You can ALWAYS go home.

Sure, it might not feel like home, but it will always be home.

Take, for example, my recent trip back home to The Centre of the Universe.

i.e. Muddy York.

i.e. Hogtown.

i.e. Toronto.

I went back, really, for only one reason — a wedding. Alas, it was not mine. Instead, it was the wedding of a friend I’ve only known since our first year at Carleton. I would call K a good friend. We had many classes together, and we had many dinners together in our fourth year, as we lived on the same floor.

This wedding marked the second time I had travelled half way across this wonderful country to get to the nuptials of a friend. And interestingly enough, both weddings saw my fly from YEG to YYZ. It seems the only reason I use YEG is to go to a wedding. Strange.

Anyway, the wedding wasn’t the only reason I went home. Well, it was, but that’s not all I did while I was there. No sirreebob. Is that even a word? It is now.

But seriously, the wedding is not all I did when I was home. I took advantage of being back in the 416 to see some people I hadn’t seen since last year when I left that thriving metropolis.

And let me tell you, being with them again, even for only a short while, was something I needed. I needed to be reminded that there are people out there who love me and are there for me if I need them.

Sure, that may sound cheesy, but it’s true. Of the five people I made it a mission to see, one I’ve known since I was only 27 days old. Two I’ve known since we were both four years old. The other two I’ve known since Grade 9. In other words, I’ve known them all for more than a decade. That’s a long time for being only 25.

And with each of them, I caught up on what was going on in their lives. And it gave me a chance to vent about things in my life that I can’t easily vent about out here. And if you can’t tell from reading this, venting is something I like to do.

Then there’s the things you can learn about the people you’re with. And the things we trust each other with. I’m thinking about what one of the lovely ladies I saw said, and how it’s something I never thought I would hear from her. It was quite the bombshell she dropped on me. Then again, she now knows something about me that I never would have admitted. Granted, she did pull it out of me, so yeah.

So what else happened at home? Well, I think I met a girl. We’ll see how that goes. Wish me luck. The story behind our meeting is quite interesting and fraught with worries that I cocked up.

I got to ride the new Toronto Rockey subway train. So cool. If you’ve never done it, I highly advise it. But, word to the wise (wow, I never thought I’d use that phrase in real life) ride it during off-peak hours. You’ll get a better impression of it when it’s not packed to the gills like in rush hour.

I also got back on our glorious streetcars. And the SRT. I prefer not to think about that.

Got to see the Santa Claus Parade for the first time since high school. That was nice, except for the kids and parents who seem to think that they can jump to the front of the crowd five minutes before the parade starts when some of us (i.e. me) were there for hours beforehand.

And now I’m back in Barrhead. Back at work. Not nearly as cool as the CotU, but it’s my home. Ish.