2011 in Photos – 36

Back again? You must really like my photos. Well, here’s another week’s worth of them.


Sept. 3 – Volleyball is hard to shoot. Especially because I want to freeze the ball in flight, which is hard to do when the ball is moving so quickly. To get a shot of someone diving for the ball is hard, because by the time you hit the shutter, the ball is gone. So, we have this instead.

Sept. 4 – Softball. Just like baseball, only with bigger balls, slower pitches and smaller fields. Yup, that’s about it.

Sept. 5 – No photo.

Sept. 6 – No photo.

Sept. 7 – I think it broke 30 C this day. So, kids and parents were out on the splashpad in Barrhead. Well, kids who weren’t in school, anyway.

Sept. 8 – Another vehicle collision (I don’t really like that term when it’s only one vehicle, but accidents don’t happen on the roads). I do like these stories. They’re so compact.

Sept. 9 – More volleyball. You know, it kind of bothers me that I got a better photo from the tournament for the Westlock News than I did for the Leader. This is a shot of an R.F. Staples player.

Thank you. Come again.