2011 in Photos – 34

Well then. I’m getting better at getting these updates out there. I seem to have turned a corner.

Either that or I’m posting all my photos at once and just dating them to be released at regular (or irregular) intervals. Take your pick.

Aug. 20 – Outdoor rodeos. Provided the sun’s out, they’re very easy to shoot and have things in focus. I like this photo because, although it is a bit soft, the guy’s getting thrown off his horse and I think that’s totally nifty.

Aug. 21 – On the other hand, demolition derbies just seem like something losers do.

Aug. 22 – The Westlock museum held a raffle draw. In order for it to follow Alberta Gaming rules, the draw itself needed to be witnessed. I was one of the witnesses.

Aug. 23 – Huge fire. I don’t know why, but I really like covering fires and car crashes. There’s just something about them that attracts me. That, and I like fire.

Aug. 24 – School starts in August in Alberta (and Saskatchewan as I learned in 2009). So, teachers are in their classrooms preparing for a new year. Like this one.

Aug. 25 – No photo.

Aug. 26 – No photo.

Conveniently enough, this wraps up the photos I took while working for the Westlock News. *tear*

And that should wrap that week up. Come back soon for more.