2011 in Photos – 33

Hey! How are you?

I see you’re back looking for more photos. Well, guess what? I have more. Take a peek below.

Aug. 13 – No photo.

Aug. 14 – No photo.

Aug. 15 – No photo.

Aug. 16 – No photo.

Aug. 17 – The Westlock Fire Department was performing pump tests on its equipment. So, instead of focusing on the whole truck, I thought it would be interesting to zoom in on the nozzles themselves. Here they are.

Aug. 18 – No photo.

Aug. 19 – I finally met Alberta’s premier, Ed Stelmach. He was at the grand opening of one of the largest egg farms in Canada — located in Westlock County, no less. I still have the press/i.d. pass I received when I went to the opening.

Thanks for taking a look. There will be more coming. Soon.