2011 in Photos – 32

And we’re back. Isn’t it nice to see an update only three days after the last. After that break several weeks in length, this might feel like overkill. But I promise you, I will be updating more often in the near future.

On to the photos.

Aug. 6 – I still think people who race ATVs (or quads as they seem to be called out here) really need to find a real sport to do, but anyway. I headed out to a ATV rally and grabbed this photo. It would have been a great front page photo had I not cut off the front of the machine.

Aug. 7 – Red Lions baseball. I still love these shots. This was a foul ball.

Aug. 8 – Swim team medallists. These five swimmers all qualified for the provincial swim meet after winning medals at the regional meet. This is, sadly, the last time I’ve been in a pool. It’s been far too long.

Aug. 9 – The COW Bus came to Westlock (for the second time in my time there) and I snapped this fairly interesting photo. Naturally it didn’t run because of the angle, but I thought it was neat with the colours.

Aug. 10 – No photo.

Aug. 11 – This photo did not turn out as well as I had hoped. The idea was to get the 70 sign in the foreground, with the multiple 50 signs in the background. However, the 50s were too far away and at such an angle I could not get them all in the same frame and have them be clear. Oh well.

Aug. 12 – The Linaria School (since demolished) was recognized and memorialized. MLA Ken Kowalski is here giving a speech about the school and the need to recognize such schools.

And that’s that for another week. More will be coming soon. So hold your horses and don’t get too impatient.