2011 in Photos – 31

Well, it’s certainly been a long time since I last updated this photo record. But, I’ve found some time in my life and now I’m back.

Let’s see what I have to add.

July 30 – No photo.

July 31 – No photo.

Aug. 1 – No photo.

Aug. 2 – No photo.

Aug. 3 – So there was a fire call this day. When the fire department arrived, the fire was pretty much out because neighbours and bystanders had taken it upon themselves to douse it. All the firefighters had to do was just make sure the flames were gone. Still, it was something for the paper.

Aug. 4 – No photo.

Aug. 5 – The woman on the right won a BBQ. Sorry, this is the only photo I took that day.

Thanks for your patience. More will come in the coming days. I’m working to clear a fairly large backlog.