I’m an editor?

How did that happen? Seriously.

Yup, I have apparently moved up in the world. It’s kind of scary when I think about it. One minute I was very happy in my situation and planning some trips or other things. Settling, if you must.

The next I’m hopping in my car for a daily 80-kilometre round trip commute. It was quite a shock.

So, what made me do it? What made me decide that I want to give up the security and comfort I had at the Westlock News and take on the challenge of serving as editor of the Barrhead Leader? The more I think about it, the more I honestly don’t know. It all came so quickly. Let me tell you.

Aug. 17

My boss asks me to come with him into his office and close the door. I hate it when they say that; you never know what they’re going to say. Well, what he had to say was that the Leader needed an editor and he thought I could do it and to talk to the Leader’s publisher about it. And at that point I went back to my desk and tried to do my work, all with the added worry of having to contemplate a career change I wasn’t looking for at that time. The I went home and called my parents and talked to them about it. It was an interesting conversation.

Aug. 18

I call the Barrhead publisher to talk about the job. She tells me things, and suggests I speak to the outgoing editor. I do that. He also tells me things. I tell them I want to think about it and I’ll get back to them.

Aug. 19

I think this is the day the Barrhead publisher calls me to ask if I’ve made a decision. I haven’t. I tell them with the weekend coming up being Westlock Fair weekend, I want to get through the weekend before committing. I say I’ll call on Monday with my decision. I then head into the weekend knowing it’s going to be an interesting one because I’ll have to go shutter crazy while debating whether or not to leave the comfort I have in Westlock.

Aug. 20

Nothing really happened other that I spoke to my parents and told them that I may as well go for it and try it. I did this during a power outage.

Aug. 21

My Westlock boss and I are in the office, putting the paper together, since it comes out the next morning. He asks me my decision, and I tell him that I think I’ll try my hand at taking on the editor’s chair in Barrhead. He then goes away and either works on the paper or composes a job posting. Probably both.

Aug. 22-26

These days are pretty much a blur or something because I’m working to put together a paper while at the same time realizing these are my last five days at the Westlock News. So there are a few goodbyes that have to be said, even though I will on occasion make cameos in the office, so it’s not really goodbye.

Aug. 27-28

I prepare myself mentally to move to the editor’s chair. This involves spending a few hours in the News office going through a stack of papers to figure out what to throw away and what to leave for the News as files. I think the cumulative size of the piles of things to leave for the News was about two-thirds the size of the original pile. This job really kills trees. I also took a trip out to Barrhead to take a tour of the town. The outgoing editor was supposed to give me said tour, but he never answered his phone. Oh well.

Aug. 29

Day one as editor, sort of. The outgoing editor was still there, but he was putting the paper together and I spent my day trying to organize my office.

Aug. 30-Sept. 5

Pretty much getting used to the job.

Sept. 6-present

Discovering that this job is more stressful, especially when you question your predecessor’s judgement. And undergoing some domestic issues with your housemates, one of whom is your replacement at the Westlock News. But things have a way of working themselves out, so we’ll play the coming days, weeks and months as they come. There’s really nothing more to it.