The NDP’s Québec success

I want to make a brief comment on all those people who are bashing the NDP and its MPs who did very little campaigning and yet still won their seats.

If there’s anyone to blame for the NDP electing MPs who are unqualified for the jobs they now hold, it’s the voters who elected them.

Yes, I know it’s been several months since the May 2 election, but it still bothers me to hear all these pundits and regular people outside Quebec talk about how it’s embarrassing that there are unqualified MPs flying the NDP banner. Sure, the NDP really should have vetted its candidates better, and given them orders to put effort into campaigning. But when it comes down to it, it’s the voters who decide who is elected, not the party.

I decided I wanted to write about this when I read Ezra Levant’s “This ain’t no party” column in the Toronto Sun. In particular this line:

“The NDP is an unserious party. No one was more surprised with their electoral successes in May than they were — this is the party of Ruth Ellen Brosseau, the candidate who spent part of the campaign in Las Vegas, only to come back to strike the jackpot on election day.”

has my back up.

Sure, the NDP is not innocent in all this. But to lay the blame squarely at their feet is being unduly harsh.