My favourite job

As I’m currently contemplating a career change, I’ve randomly thought about the best job I had.

Now, it’s nothing spectacular. And if you really think about it, it’s actually a rather low-skilled job, but I enjoyed it.

So, what is the job I enjoyed the most? It was when I was the delivery driver with Sheridan Nurseries. Sure, all I really did was load up the truck, drive to somewhere and then unload the truck. Boring, no?

Well, what I really liked about the job was that I got to drive around Toronto and go to places I never had a chance to explore before.

I was sent down to The Beaches (I will never call it The Beach) on numerous occasions. It was neat to see the houses behind the houses on Victoria Park Ave.

I drove into (on the third try) and backed out of (with help from my delivery assistant) a laneway in the old City of York (or maybe the very top edge of the old City of Toronto). That was quite an adventure.

Once I had the opportunity to stand in a customer’s backyard at the top of the Scarborough Bluffs and look down the steep drop and out onto Lake Ontario.

On the other hand, driving the 401 and 427 and QEW in rush hour was not fun. I guess there are always downsides to even the best jobs.

Would I take that job now? No. It didn’t pay enough. But it was still the best job I’ve had. Seriously, they paid me to drive around my city. What’s not to like?