2011 in Photos – 30

Happy Nagasaki Day? Yes, it was 66 years ago the U.S. dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Overkill? Yes. But arguably necessary.

On to the photos.

July 23 – Apparently people are crazy enough to jump out of a plane and plumet back to Earth, with only a thin piece of fabric and ropes preventing them from landing with a ‘splat.’ And then there are those people for whom it’s a hobby and they practise and get good at it. This man is one of those people.

July 24 – The Tour de l’Alberta. Unlike the Tour de France, it’s not a race. Hence the pre-peace sign the woman on the left is about to give me.

July 25 – So, if you’re blind, you can still play golf. Who knew? I sure didn’t (that I can remember). Here, the man with the wicked shorts is blind, while the crouched man is his caddy, who is lining up the putt. There is a lot of teamwork involved in blind golf.

July 26 – Baseball! That’s it.

July 27 – Here I tried to recreate a shot my co-worker in Meadow Lake took. I failed because he had better weather conditions and his kid had brighter colours on. Otherwise, success!

July 28 – No photo.

July 29 – This collision between three pick-up trucks resulted in one death and necessitated the STARS ambulance to make a trip to pick up someone and transport him or her to Edmonton. That makes two fatalities I have reported on in my time as a reporter.

And there we have it. More will come when I get them uploaded.