2011 in Photos – 29

Yup, I did do more. I hope you like them. However, if you don’t, I really don’t care.

July 16 – No photo.

July 17 – No photo.

July 18 – No photo.

July 19 – No photo.

July 20 – Shooting kids flying kites is hard. You have to get down on the ground, in the mud in this case, and shoot up. And then there’s the issue of making sure the kite is low enough to be in the shot.

July 21 – No photo.

July 22 – This is a game at a vacation bible school. They had to throw pennies into those small clay pots. I didn’t stick around long enough to learn why.

So, after some technical difficulties, I have now shown you the photos I took this week. Come back in a few days for next week’s photos.