2011 in Photos – 28

And we’re back. There are more photos here than there were in the last chapter. So there’s more to look at. I hope you like them.

July 9 – The annual Ride for STARS (an air ambulance service) took place this year in a rainstorm. Well, it started in a rainstorm. It ended in fairly sunny weather. Such is weather in Canada.

July 10 – The don’t make cars and trailers like they used to. I can’t remember the year of this trailer, but it is clearly better than anything you find nowadays. So much style and spunk.

July 11 – Town council chamber. I’m not sure why this is so over-exposed.

July 12 – A rodent of some kind found at the Ag Society grounds. The little thing scampered down its hole right as I hit the shutter.

July 13 – Stupid dog. Wouldn’t look at me.

July 14 – Car crash. No one killed. Can you tell why I want this photo here?

July 15 – No photo.

Will I post more photos? Check back soon to find out. Same Tim website. Same Tim format.