2011 in Photos – 26

Time for another installment of the challenge I have already failed miserably. I was supposed to have a photo for every day of the year, and so far I have not done that. But I keep trying. So, without further ado, here is chapter number 26.

June 25 – Lacrosse once more. This is the junior team in Westlock. They lost this game, if I recall correctly, and as such missed the playoffs for the first time. Oh well.

June 26 – No photo.

June 27 – Elementary school track and field meet. I thought this was a better photo than the track shot I took. And why not? You can see her hat flying off and she ran down the track.

June 28 – I’ve posted a similar thought before, about the difference makeup and glasses can make to a person’s appearance. Well, the same thing goes for hair. This boy shaved his head to raise money for leukemia research. And he looked a lot different after losing all his hair.

June 29 – No photo.

June 30 – High school graduation. Boy in kilt. Enough said.

July 1 – Oh how I wish I had been able to snap this guy from the front and not the back.

Come back later. I will have more up. I promise.