2011 in Photos – 25

Welcome back to my chronicles of what I photographed this year. I hope you enjoy them

June 18 – In all the time I have gone to cover lacrosse, the home team has never won. Until now. Finally!

June 19 – More lacrosse. I would have run with this photo if it wasn’t for the fact the ball is obscuring the player’s face.

June 20 – No photo.

June 21 – No photo.

June 22 – The elementary school had a play day, and they were throwing water balloons around. I wanted to capture a shot of a kid catching an exploding balloon, but to no avail. So, you get this instead.

June 23 – Ugh. More lacrosse. Um, enjoy.

June 24 – A bank in town had a grand reopening at a new location. Apparently that was worth a mention in the newspaper. On the other hand, when I was there I found this balloon animal guy.

And that’s that.