Winnipeg Jets logo comments

And they’re back.

The Winnipeg Jets are back.

With the relocation of the Atlanta Thrashers to the proud city of Winnipeg, Canada finally gets an NHL team back. And with the new team comes a new logo.

By now you’ve all seen the logo already, but here it is again.

When I first saw this logo, I was quite underwhelmed, especially when compared to the two logos that preceded it in the old Jets’ NHL era.

And now, looking at it over a week later, I remain underwhelmed. I just think it is seriously lacking in any style. Yes, I understand the idea behind basing it on the RCAF roundel, but to me that’s the key problem. It’s too close to being a Team Canada crest. Take off the jet, and this could serve as a crest for any version of Team Canada.

As much as I hate to say it, the only team in Canada that should have the Maple Leaf on its jerseys and logos is the Toronto Maple Leafs. No other team should have it. Even though this Maple Leaf is obscured by the jet, and doesn’t really look like a Maple Leaf because of the jet, I think it’s out of place.

Now, I will reserve my final judgement until I have seen the jerseys, but right now, I have no intention of going out and buying a new Jets jersey.

One of the two original logo jerseys perhaps, but not this one.

On the other hand, there are worse logos in the NHL, so Winnipeggers should be counting their blessings.

To wit, here are the original two Jets logos, below the cut.


This is the logo the team had when it joined the NHL as part of the WHA-NHL merger. Sure, does have a bit of a 1970s feel to it, but it’s fairly clever with the hockey stick playing the part of the ‘J’ in Jets. Plus, as can be seen in the next iteration of the logo, and the current logo, there is an image of a jet.

And  the 1990-1996 version.

This was the Jets’ last logo before the team moved to Phoenix. This is the one I remember most, and the one that I think all Jets fans were hoping for when they were fighting to bring NHL hockey back to Winnipeg. To be honest, this logo is not as good as the former WHA logo. It is kind of boring, even though it includes the hockey stick ‘J’ and another image of a jet.

We can only hope this new logo grows on Jets fans. Not that it will matter, however. Jets fans are happy to have their team back, and will buy anything with the logo on it.