2011 in Photos – 24

These were actually somewhat fun photos to take. Really. I attended two triathlons and a rodeo, and got to play with (for, like, five minutes) with some little kids.

June 11 – Triathlon number one. Fun times. No idea on the final results, however. Oh well. [I could have chosen a rodeo photo here, but I thought it would be better to go with a triathlon shot, because, honestly, I didn’t want to sort through all those horse and cow shots.]

June 12 – Triathlon number two. This one was kids, and the distances were completely shorter than the adult one the day before.

June 13 – No photo.

June 14 – No photo.

June 15 – The aforementioned playing with little kids. It was fun. They had one of those boards with holes you had to throw beanbags through. I didn’t manage to throw the beanbag through the hole too well. Oh well.

June 16 – No photo.

June 17 – No photo.

Well, I hope you can sense the fun I had. If not, just keep checking. I’m sure you’ll see something that amuses you.