2011 in Photos – 23

Well, this is an embarrassing update. You’ll see why soon enough.

June 4 – No photo.

June 5 – No photo.

June 6 – No photo.

June 7 – No photo.

June 8 – No photo.

June 9 – At the elementary school in Westlock, there is an old school that dates back to 1907. These two students were placed in the corner to demonstrate punishment. I don’t know whether they were actually misbehaving, or just placed there when I got there, as I said, as a demonstration. Whichever.

June 10 – Golf. I would like to try a round, but it’s not a sport. This shot, however, comes from a memorial golf tournament.

Well, there we have it. Another week of photos. Or, as you maybe have figured out, two photos. Pathetic, I know.